There are endless ways to help...

Our long-term future and our ability to aid pets which might otherwise go
untreated, depends on constant support from the public. Year on year
annual deficits mean we need to maintain our publicity and fund-raising just to remain operational. Everybody could do something, and just a little time here and there would help us enormously. We can offer help and support, or, if you are an organisation, someone to come and speak about the work of the Clinic.

1 . Join the charity For an annual membership subscription of only £7.50 you can become a member (Life member for a one-off £50) and receive our newsletter and invitations to our AGM and Open Evenings, with a chance to look round the clinic and chat to the staff and committee. Membership applications forms are available from the clinic.

2 . Make a donation Visit our on-line donation facility via PayPal Giving Fund. 100% of all donations will reach us - no charges or commission are involved, and we only spend an unavoidable minimum on fund-raising and administration so as much as possible of all donations goes directly towards helping animals. The facility includes a Gift Aid option. Alternatively, take or post your donation to the clinic, where a Gift Aid form is available on request.

Donations don't need to come out of your own pocket. Do something for a neighbour or relative in return for a donation to us. One of our trustees was recently given £50 for the clinic for walking someone's dog, and earlier £75 for some work on someone's garden pond.

We are registered with Easyfundraising and AmazonSmile. Every time you shop, we receive a small donation to say 'thank you' and it's completely free too! If you need any guidance please contact the clinic.

3 . Join our committee Help spread the workload - we need Committee Members/Trustees , particularly in the areas of fund-raising, public relations and approaching charitable trusts, local businesses and community organisations for grants, donations and support.

4. Make a Will Legacies are our second biggest source of income, after
clinic fees. They are our best chance to make up the
annual financial loss we incur each year. Please contact
the clinic for more details.



100% of all donations will reach us - no charges or commission are involved. Each facility includes Gift Aid option.


Registered Charity No. 211467